This behaviour is confused and sold to you as love

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Love-bombing is a chew you up and spit you out kind of dating plan. It’s a dangerously orchestrated and purposeful tactic to ‘get’ you. Love-bombing is simply the hook. It’s what comes next — and it will — that is the scary part.

Love-bombing started in a cult. Well, that can’t be good

The idea of love-bombing was not proposed…

I’m a mental health professional. These questions save lives.

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I have worked in mental health services for many years. Mostly, my time has been spent supporting people at the pointy end of their mental health through crisis services or suicide hotlines.

Suicide is a global crisis impacting one in every 100 deaths worldwide. While statistics have lowered globally, the…

The body language from everyone speaks loud and clear.

Image: AAP Image/Paul Braven

Let’s talk power imbalance for a moment.

Immediately when this photo was posted, many people commented on the body language of the young woman.

And of course, there were loads of comments about the body language of the men surrounding her…

Kirsty Armstrong

Gendered violence | Psychology | Mental Health | Writer at Bravely |

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